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QC Profile

QC Profile


Everyone knows the quality is very import, so do us. Quality first is the principle of premium ingredient co.,ltd. We expect to serve society and people well through supplying the better products. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality products and service. We ensure ingredient purity, on-time delivery, process efficiency and the technical documents you require.


◆ BSE/TSE Statement
Certificate of Analysis
◆ Method of Analysis
◆ Country of Origin Certificate
◆ Flow Chart
◆ GMO Statement
◆ Halal Certificate
◆ ISO Certification
◆ Kosher Certificate

◆ GMP Certificate

◆ DMF File


◆ HACCP Certificate

◆ Material Safety Data Sheet
◆ Ingredients List

◆ Specification Sheet

◆ Material Safe Date Sheet


Note: not all of the above items apply to all documents