Fumaric acid CWS/ HWS
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Fumaric acid CWS/ HWS
Premium ingredient co.,ltd supplies high quality fumaric acid in China to serve in food, beverage and feed. Fumaric acid is a white crystalline powder, taste sour, The acidity of fumaric acid is about 1.5 times that of citric acid, possesses a fruitlike flavor. It is used for regulating the acidity of fruits and vegetables and for preserving foods, or as a buffer substance to stabilize a PH value, improve the texture and mouth feel of the foods and beverages.  it's certified kosher and halal.

Fumaric acid used in poultry can increase the appetite of animals, increase the amount of feed, and promote growth.

Product name: fumaric acid

cas no.: 110-17-8

Molecular fomular: C4H4O4

assay: 99.5%-100.5%

water content: 0.5% max

residue on ignition: 0.1% max

Arsenic: 2mg/kg

lead: 2mg/kg

maleic acid:0.1% max

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