L-malic acid
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L-malic acid
L-malic acid is a dicarboxylic acid found in fruits and vegetables, especially apples.As an acidulant, L-Malic acid is especially suitable for jelly and foodstuff containing fruit ingredient.

Product name: L-Malic Acid

Chemical Name :        L-hydroxy butanedioic acid

Molecular Formula: C4H6O5

Molecular Weight  :  134.09


White crystals or crystalline powder, fairly hygroscopic, dissolving easily in water and alcohol.


Assay(as C4H6O5):         99.0% Min

Specific Rotation:   -1.6 ~ -2.6

Sulfate:           0.02% Max

Chloride[Cl]:   0.004% Max

Residue on ignition:        0.10% Max

Fumaric Acid :   0.5% Max

Maleic Acid  :    0.05% Max

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